Sweet Christmas! Can Luke Cage Save Us from Jingle Bombs?

Maybe there really is a war on Christmas!
Maybe there really is a war on Christmas!

Slay bells ring – are you listening?

Remakes of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” are more common than mutants this time of year. Even “Sanford and Son” and “The Jetsons” retold the tale.

But few have told the tale focusing on Scrooge’s damned business partner Jacob Marley.

Luke Cage, hero for hire, finds himself trapped in a Dickensian nightmare right on Christmas Eve – can he convince a madman not to blow up the world?

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Ten Years Later, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Just Won’t Quit

A decade later, 'Brokeback Mountain's' power has not dimmed.
A decade later, ‘Brokeback Mountain’s’ power has not dimmed.

Ten years ago this month, “Brokeback Mountain” was released into movie theaters.

By all conventional box-office wisdom, the movie should have dropped like a stone, closed within a week and would have been but a footnote in film history.

What happened was far different.

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Have Yourself a Merry JSA Christmas!

"JSA" No. 55: And Santa Claus is hiding a secret.
“JSA” No. 55: And Santa Claus is hiding a secret.

You don’t see a lot of super-hero holiday stories these days. They were once a staple of the industry, but they mostly seem like a thing of the past.

On one of the many Facebook groups devoted to old comics, a fan objected to an issue of “DC Comics Presents” that teamed Superman with Santa Claus.

He didn’t like seeing his hero with a fictional character – completely missing the irony.

But there’s a truth here. Sentiment and sensation rarely mix well.

So finding a story that not only tugs at your heart but resolves the fate of a beloved Golden Age hero not seen in decades?

That, my friends, is a holiday miracle.

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