Election ’16: When the Circus Stops, We’re Screwed

Photo: Ryan McGuire
Photo: Ryan McGuire

Say you’re the parent of a fourth grader curious about the presidential campaign. It’s only the election of the next leader of the greatest country in the world.

Your wee one wants to know everything about the political process, how the primaries work, how the two major parties function, even the purpose of the electoral college.

All those things can be explained – perhaps with some difficulty, but still.

But what the heck do you say about the behavior of those running for only the most important job on the planet?

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The ONE story the New ‘Justice Society’ Writer Must Read

The Justice Society will rise again.
The Justice Society will rise again.

It’s news both unexpected and overdue: DC will again publish a Justice Society title.

From what little has been reported of this reboot, part of the upcoming “DC Rebirth,” the team allegedly will still be young, somehow plucked from the timestream from the 1940s – sort of like the original teen X-Men now running around in Marvel’s various X-books. This premise seems like a tactical misfire for the world’s first and greatest super-team, but everything depends on the execution.

Despite being a best-selling and award-winning title during the ’90s and ’00s, from Geoff Johns no less, “Justice Society” once again, fell out of favor with DC management.

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Dracula Rises – and the Marvel Age of Horror Begins!

TOD1coverHas there ever been a less anticipated – and more ground-breaking comic – ever released by Marvel Comics?

With the opening of “The Tomb of Dracula” in 1972, the company proved there was a mainstream audience for darker, more mature comics – with stories about a supernaturally cursed mass murderer who needed to feed on the blood of the living.

And what was the purpose of the Comics Code Authority again?

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