Church of a Lesser Clod

Sometimes you just want to come in from the wilderness.
The path to community can lead to funny places.

Now that I have moved to the South Shore, I am once again looking for a church.

It’s not that I’m particularly religious or even spiritual, but I do know the value of being a part of a community concerned with making a better world, if not a better people.

First Church in Cambridge, my previous sanctuary, one that I will always consider home, is two-plus-hours away given the vagaries of public transportation on a Sunday. I have been looking closer to home, but finding a church within walking distance would seem to qualify as a minor miracle. I actually bought a home in a city without a proper bookstore. Is it too late to give back my keys?

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Where Do You Find Your Peace?

The fountain at Sunken Garden in Harvard Square.
There’s something calming about the sound of water bubbling in a fountain.

Just about any hour of the day, Harvard Square teems with students, tourists and locals looking to take in the unique sights, sounds and shops of this Cambridge destination.

Yet about two blocks away from the crowds and the noise, you can find a park that is an oasis from the madness.

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