A Comedian Told Some Jokes. Get Over It.

Judging from the stink, you’d think someone served flaming plates of poo at the White House Correspondents’ dinner this weekend.

Michelle Wolf what she was hired to do: She told jokes. She spared no one, Republicans, Democrats, CNN, Hillary Clinton, even Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, who has been dead almost a decade.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was there, representing the White House since Donald Trump is too much of a chickenshit to attend.

And the kerfuffle that has erupted proves that not only can’t some people take a joke, some snowflakes can’t even understand a joke.

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The Republican Betrayal of America

It is the single greatest heist in the history of this nation – from the poor and the working to the wealthy.

The tax bill the Republican-controlled Congress approved yesterday will add over a trillion to the national debt.

It will raise taxes on 92 million Americans.

Over 80 percent of the benefits go to the top 1 percent of the country.

And now that they have finally handed Trump his first legislative victory in his first year, what is this Gang of Thieves going to do next?

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Church of a Lesser Clod

Sometimes you just want to come in from the wilderness.
The path to community can lead to funny places.

Now that I have moved to the South Shore, I am once again looking for a church.

It’s not that I’m particularly religious or even spiritual, but I do know the value of being a part of a community concerned with making a better world, if not a better people.

First Church in Cambridge, my previous sanctuary, one that I will always consider home, is two-plus-hours away given the vagaries of public transportation on a Sunday. I have been looking closer to home, but finding a church within walking distance would seem to qualify as a minor miracle. I actually bought a home in a city without a proper bookstore. Is it too late to give back my keys?

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