Church of a Lesser Clod

Sometimes you just want to come in from the wilderness.
The path to community can lead to funny places.

Now that I have moved to the South Shore, I am once again looking for a church.

It’s not that I’m particularly religious or even spiritual, but I do know the value of being a part of a community concerned with making a better world, if not a better people.

First Church in Cambridge, my previous sanctuary, one that I will always consider home, is two-plus-hours away given the vagaries of public transportation on a Sunday. I have been looking closer to home, but finding a church within walking distance would seem to qualify as a minor miracle. I actually bought a home in a city without a proper bookstore. Is it too late to give back my keys?

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Election ’16: When the Circus Stops, We’re Screwed

Photo: Ryan McGuire
Photo: Ryan McGuire

Say you’re the parent of a fourth grader curious about the presidential campaign. It’s only the election of the next leader of the greatest country in the world.

Your wee one wants to know everything about the political process, how the primaries work, how the two major parties function, even the purpose of the electoral college.

All those things can be explained – perhaps with some difficulty, but still.

But what the heck do you say about the behavior of those running for only the most important job on the planet?

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