That Time Batgirl was Almost Killed by a Wig

In the late ’60s, the mighty maestros of DC Comics had a brainstorm: Spin Robin and Batgirl into solo adventures in the back pages of “Detective Comics.”

If you were a fan of the Bat-sidekicks hoping to see them take on some of Batman’s notorious rogues by themselves or perhaps even develop their own gallery of colorful enemies, you had to be disappointed.

Robin fought campus crime, and the stories were even more boring than this sentence suggests.

Batgirl battled run-of-the-mill thieves and killers.

But there is one Batgirl story that stands out, even after all these years.

It’s a Gotham City-sized crater of stupidity.

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DC waited 81 years to make an animated Justice Society film. It should have waited longer.

At long last, DC Comics’ Justice Society of America star in their own animated film.

The first super-team of all time debuted in “All-Star Comics” No. 3 in 1940.

The comic was a hit, and for the next decade, DC’s greatest heroes banded together to fight villains on this world and across the cosmos.

Superhero comics dropped out of popularity in the early 1950s, and “All-Star Comics” went western and then went kaput.

In the 1960s, DC relaunched the Justice Society concept as the Justice League, and then in one of the most ground-breaking comics ever, established the existence of a parallel earth in which the original Golden Age heroes still battled evildoers in “The Flash” No. 123 (September 1961).

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