The JSA is Returning to the DCU. Yay?

The Justice Society of America as seen on the cover of “Justice League” No. 31.

After a couple years of teasers and with “Doomsday Clock” reaching its last ticks – it only feels as if the miniseries began in 1941 – DC finally announced that the Justice Society of America will be returning to continuity.

And it’s a case of be careful for what you wish for, for the creative mastermind behind the JSA’s long-awaited return will be …

Scott Snyder.

Jesus H. (expletive, tosses rock, tosses another rock, expletive) Christ.

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Get Your Treats with a JSA Halloween!

Most of the Justice Society has vanished.

While the senior members of the team search for their comrades, the junior heroes – Star-Spangled Kid and Jakeem Thunder – are left alone in the mansion on Halloween night.

What could go wrong?

For starters, there’s the head from the Statue of Liberty – which lands like an atom bomb outside their front door.

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DC Edges Closer to a Justice Society Return

Golden Age Flash returns.
The return of the Golden Age Flash.

A year after its successful “Rebirth” launch, DC has teased the return of the Justice Society of America.

In the just completed story arc “The Button,” a four-part crossover in issues of “Batman” and “The Flash,” two members of the legendary super-team missing for years make appearances.

“The Flash” No. 21 opens with Johnny Thunder on the edge of a rooftop, screaming into a driving rain for his thunderbolt.

Orderlies grab the feisty 90-year-old and drag him back down.

“We lost the Justice Society! It’s all my fault!” he cries.

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Is the Justice Society the Secret Weapon That Will Save DC Comics?

When you need a hero ...
When you need a hero …

DC Comics is in trouble.

That’s been obvious for a long time.

But in an unprecedented move, the comics giant has acknowledged it screwed up. While the much hyped 2011 company reboot “The New 52” had some bright spots, it has been a critical and sales failure.

As part of that ill-fated retcon, the Justice Society was wiped from the DC Universe. The premier super-team and its fabled heroes never existed.

But what can be erased can be returned.

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The ONE story the New ‘Justice Society’ Writer Must Read

The Justice Society will rise again.
The Justice Society will rise again.

It’s news both unexpected and overdue: DC will again publish a Justice Society title.

From what little has been reported of this reboot, part of the upcoming “DC Rebirth,” the team allegedly will still be young, somehow plucked from the timestream from the 1940s – sort of like the original teen X-Men now running around in Marvel’s various X-books. This premise seems like a tactical misfire for the world’s first and greatest super-team, but everything depends on the execution.

Despite being a best-selling and award-winning title during the ’90s and ’00s, from Geoff Johns no less, “Justice Society” once again, fell out of favor with DC management.

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