‘Stargirl’: Just like summer school

In its sophomore season, “Stargirl” made history for a superhero show by showing the least amount of action.

(Checks notes.)

Oh, right, that’s not a good thing.

Maybe this season finale will make up for things. Let’s dive in!

In “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen,” written by Stargirl co-creator Geoff Johns and directed by Greg Beeman, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) faced Eclipso with the help of her friends, a few enemies, and at least one stranger.

Let’s acknowledge there was plenty of action: Wildcat vs. Wildcat, Pat vs Pat, Cindy vs. Cindy, Courtney vs. her inner demons, and everyone popping by to take a shot at Eclipso.

The decision to essentially split the heroics between that excellent mid-season episode (with the ISA) and the finale is at best curious and seems to reek of an economic necessity.

In the end, Courtney was rescued by a (mostly) season one montage and (apparently) the last Starman (Joel McHale).

That was a convenient save, but why should we care?

Starman, in flashbacks, has done zip to endear himself to viewers, and I’m still not convinced this is the real deal. He still hasn’t explained that whole dying thing in Pat’s arms ten years earlier.

But let’s give “Stargirl” its due: The finale was stuffed with old-fashioned, exciting superhero fisticuffs.

Random bits:

Mike (Trae Romano) took over S.T.R.I.P.E., found his place in the JSA, and shook his metallic ass.

Eclipso is toast. Literally. Thanks, Jakeem.

Oh, hey, the show remembered that Cam (Hunter Sansone) is still a part of it. That’s cute.

Beth (Anjelika Washington) came out to her parents as a super-hero, and they are thrilled and vow to be the best parents to a super-hero ever. Poor Beth. Can’t even rebel properly.

Cindy (Meg DeLacy) wants to join the JSA.


And who did she go to for approval?

Yolanda (Yvette Monreal).

Sure, tell me again how I’m wrong to ship Shivcat.

So “Stargirl” ended with some familiar neighbors – hey, just the couple who tried to
wipe out the family AND killed the original JSA – but they brought blueberry muffins, so all is forgiven?

Season three “Stargirl: Frenemies” is already looking hella overstuffed, with FauxStarMan, Sportsmaster, Tigress, Artemis, Jenny, Jakeem, Shade, Bones and probably Todd jockeying for time with the main cast. Tune in 2022.

In the end, this season of “Stargirl” lived up to its title. It really was like summer school: stuffy, crammed with people you didn’t want to spend time with, and an absolute chore.