‘Stargirl’: Dangerous detours

Anyone else shipping Shivcat?

On the latest “Stargirl,” all it took to get Yolanda back into her Wildcat gear was a little reverse psychology – and a bedroom visit from Cindy.

You cannot tell me the folks at CW didn’t know what they were pushing there.

Cindy (Meg DeLacy) deliberately awakened the fighter in Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) by revealing what we had long known, that she, not Henry, had blown up Yolanda’s life by spreading those sexting photos.

Yolanda was more angry at the thought of Cindy working alongside her bestie Courtney.

The confrontation was …

damn hot.

You cannot convince me this was an accident. The direction, the writing and the delivery screamed the kind of sexual tension you could cut with a cosmic staff.

Yolanda was so furious that she picked up her cowl again – proudly, too.

In “Summer School: Chapter Twelve,” written by James Dale Robinson and directed by Greg Beeman, Pat’s (Luke Wilson) decision to terrorize Rick’s uncle into dropping charges against Rick just might be the biggest mistake of this series.

Pat isn’t, say, Giles “The Ripper” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Pat, we have been shown time and time again, is fundamentally a decent man. He’s the steadfast dad, the supportive husband, the mentor, the conscience of the JSA, a man with an unshakable sense of right and wrong.

“Stargirl” doesn’t need a dark Pat.

Sitting through the sleepy excuse of the “Stargirl” part one season finale, I had a realization:

I know why this show is so dull, why it’s only given us about 1.5 action sequences this entire season.

The show has talked about action more than delivered it (for example, the JSA teaming to kill Eclipso’s human host, all offscreen).

Last year, after “Stargirl’s” surprising debut season, CW renewed the show for two seasons.

Mind you, CW is not known for giving out multi-year renewals.

Even such hits as “Riverdale,” “Flash,” and “Arrow” all earned their renewals year by year.

So what if CW came back to “Stargirl’s” Greg Berlanti and his crew and said: You can have two seasons – but only at the price of one.

Those economics make great sense for the network.

For the show itself? Not so much.

That would go far to explain the creative choices this season, the lack of action and CGI – all that costs money, and “Stargirl” now runs on the cheap, chatty side.

It’s just a theory.

But it would explain a lot.

Random thoughts:

“What, no hug for me?”

I had to pause the show, I was laughing so hard.

Who did Cindy call and order to come back to Blue Valley?

Where is Rick living now? He’s still a minor. Has he moved in with Pat and family?

Whoever came up with the opening sequence of the family dog running amok and tinkling on the staff’s resting box, all set to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy,” should be drummed out of television.

Hell, they shouldn’t even be allowed to own a television.