‘Stargirl’: Hell is a season one highlight reel

“Stargirl” tossed us into the Shadowlands right after Courtney, and it sure looked familiar:

There was the Blue Valley we all knew and loved, and there was the Wizard and his doomed family, the Fiddler and her misbegotten boy, the Dragon King, and even Cindy, oh yes!

And while Eclipso used this hellscape to torment Courtney (Brec Bassinger) in “Summer School: Episode Eleven,” written by Paula Sevenbergen and Robbie Hyne and directed by Sheelin Choksey, the hour also haunted viewers with a reminder of a better season, when “Stargirl” was unpredictable, brimming with memorable characters with surprising arcs.

This season we’re stuck with the Brit, the brat, and Shadow Bitch.

I’d like a do-over, please.

Let’s focus on the good stuff: Cindy!

We knew she was too bad to be sucked down a black hole forever.

Meg DeLacy is amazing. Can we please have a road trip episode with Courtney and Cindy? It could be DC’s answer to “Thelma and Louise,” with a slightly higher body count.

Cindy attacked Court without hesitation and only stopped when she realized Courtney was bleeding – and thus, real.

While in the Shadowlands, she’s killed Courtney dozens of times and loved it.

Yeah, that’s psychotic. Also: Boy, has Cindy been missed.

Can we please acknowledge the greatness of young Milo Stein as Bruce Gordon/Eclipso? That kid oozes a “Children of the Corn” malevolence on steroids. You just want to grab him by the throat.

Bonus: We got an original JSA member back: Charles McNider, Dr. Midnite himself.

Leave it to Cindy to end the night on a high note:

“So. Who wants to kill Eclipso?”

Girl, the line forms behind me.

Random bits:

That opening teaser with Pat returning home without Courtney and Barbara thinking her daughter had died was brutal.

So Shade rescued Dr. Midnite from the ISA attack by banishing him to the Shadowlands but thought he died in the Shadowlands? What? This story makes all kinds of no sense.

So how many viewers do you think thought their TVs were on the fritz while watching the nearly entirely black-and-white episode?