‘Stargirl’: Lies we tell

So can we all agree that it’s not a good thing when the best moment of a TV show is the coming attraction for next week’s episode?

Sorry, “Stargirl,” but you truly saved the best for last with that appearance of the delightfully twisted Cindy Berman (Meg DeLacy).

We all knew Shiv couldn’t be dead, but this confirmation was the best reveal of the night.

Not to say that “Summer School: Chapter Ten,” written by Taylor Streitz and directed by Sheelin Choksey, was a disappointment. It was a perfectly serviceable episode, moving characters in all the right directions.

Mike (Trae Romano) got closer to the Thunderbolt – and maybe Jakeem, apparently living in a giant gingerbread house.

Solomon Grundy dropped some apples off for Rick (Cameron Gellman) at jail. Grundy has a nice future as an Amazon delivery person.

Pat (Luke Wilson) took Courtney (Brec Bassinger) on a road trip to find Jennie (Ysa Penarejo), who had been setting green fires all over the country, a bit of collateral damage from her efforts to find her brother Todd.

Courtney was still miffed at her parents from keeping the truth from her that the JSA murdered Eclipso’s human host.

Honestly, we never saw that, so I’m not even sure he’s dead – or if Eclipso just didn’t kill him to begin with and let the JSA think they had done it. That sort of mind game is just the thing Shadow Bitch delights in.

Courtney is old enough to learn that sometimes to protect innocents, you have to inflict the ultimate penalty. There truly are situations in which a hero has no choice. But “Stargirl” is not the sort of show to address this moral and ethical question.


Shade’s (Jonathan Cake) secret origin was about six degrees of hooey, involving a secret cult, a blood sacrifice, and another mystical diamond.

Pat truly was right: You can’t trust the Shade.

Shade’s lie to get the family’s help put Pat, Courtney, and Jennie squarely in the Eclipso’s path, with dire consequences for Courtney. That’s the good news for fans who have been waiting to see the original Dr. Midnite and Shiv.

Pat’s anguish at seeing Courtney snatched away was palpable. What a horrific stinger.

Random bits:

Beth’s refusal to take off her goggles – “They help me see what’s real” – probably marks the first time she’s ever disobeyed her parents. They didn’t know what to make of it. Good for Beth.

Mike calling Shade Benedict Cumberbatch was everything.

The opening tag alluded to “decades ago” and yet Starman and Stripesy look the same in the present. Diehard DC fans know the Seven Soldiers of Victory have had a loose relationship with time, being kidnapped and sent back across the decades and then being brought back to a future they don’t understand. (Check out my post on their first modern appearance in the DCU.) But the show is cloudy about that.

So the reference to Mr. Bones and Helix has to be a clue for Stargirl S3, which just started filming in Georgia, right? Imagine the new JSA taking on a secret cabal of meta teens. There might even be some action. I’d love that.