Marvel vs. DC 2017

DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ provides clues to Marvel’s troubles.

Marvel Comics has a diversity problem.

The company employs too many morons.

By now, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of the Marvel marketing dunderhead who blamed Marvel’s falling sales and its shrinking share of the marketplace on its female and minority heroes.

But the real problem lies not with its nontraditional heroes but with its approach to selling them, and this all became apparent when I watched the Warner Bros. film “Suicide Squad.”

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‘Tomb of Dracula’: The Lord of Vampires is the Worst Houseguest Ever

Tomb of Dracula cover No. 33
And yet still safer than flying United.

The best stories are driven by conflict, and comic books are no exception.

Good vs. Evil, life and death, the fate of our civilization, the world, the universe, all reasons why readers keep coming back year after year.

And yet one of the most horrific acts of violence, one that has stayed with this reader all these years, centered on the flipping of an urn.

It remains distressing to this very day.

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Meet the Ant-Man! Not him. No, not the other one. DC’s Ant-Man!

The Ant-Man strikes
What lies beneath the mask of the pint-sized peril?

He’s the mighty mite, a six-inch dynamo with the weight and density of a full-grown man, the small scourge of crime everywhere.

He’s …. the Ant-Man!

You’re probably thinking of Marvel Comics’ Hank Pym right about now.

No, it’s not him.

Or maybe you’re guessing it must be his successor, Scott Lang, who recently received the big-screen treatment and was hilarious.

Sorry. This is DC’s Ant-Man – a character who made but one appearance in “Batman” No. 156, cover date June 1963.

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Because You Demanded It! The Sequel to the Silliest Scene in the Marvel Age!

jj2coverSome moments in comics are just so goofy, they can never be forgotten.

Even by the heroes themselves.

In the current issue of Marvel Comics’ “Jessica Jones,” No. 2, cover date January 2017, in a flashback to happier times, Luke Cage distracts his baby mama-to-be Jessica Jones with one of his less than great exploits as she struggles through labor.

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‘Tomb of Dracula’: When the Terror Got Real

img_0316In 1973, just a few months at the helm, Marv Wolfman was already shaking things up at Marvel Comics’ “Tomb of Dracula.”  He had introduced Blade, arguably one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe, in TOD No. 10. Of course, we only know that in hindsight.

But Wolfman wanted readers to know the horror title would live up to its grim potential. This wasn’t going to be the typical Marvel book in which the characters get pummeled one issue and are fine the next. Violence would have consequences.

Some bad things were going to happen. And no one was safe.

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