‘Stargirl’: Heroes behaving badly

“Stargirl” ripped the lid off a secret everyone saw coming weeks ago:

The Justice Society of America killed Eclipso’s mortal host Bruce Gordon.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Oh, wait. Am I supposed to be more respectful? More apologetic? More “taking of a life is bad” and all that.

Maybe I’m just damn impatient with this draggy story.

Here’s the thing. More than any other super-team in comicdom, the Justice Society of America is tied to contemporary history.

These Mystery Men gathered during World War II. This team fought Nazis. These heroes should understand the consequences of going into battle. Yes, the ultimate penalty should be exercised with extreme caution, but to protect innocents, sometimes hard choices must be made.

Eclipso killed Dr. Midnite’s young daughter. How many others has he killed? Syl (Joel McHale) identified him as a spiritual parasite, and there may be no way to free a human host from his influence.

Certainly if the Spectre – the right hand of God, no less – and Dr. Fate can’t figure out how to exorcise him, that leaves you out of options.

The handwringing seemed silly.

In flashbacks, in “Summer School: Chapter Nine,” written by Alfredo Septien and Turi Meyer and directed by Andi Armaganian, the originals gathered to battle Shadow Bitch.

Eclipso handily beat the Spectre, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, and the Hawks.

We saw none of it.

And just how did Starman, Wildcat, and Hourman manage to kill Bruce Gordon and imprison Eclipso back in his cursed diamond?

We saw none of it.

The show gave us Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) – and benched him. Not even a breeze of super-speed.

At least everyone looked impressive in their costumes.

Maybe when next they appear, “Stargirl” will grace us with some action.

Picky, picky:

The sight of a frozen dog must have been deemed too scary for “Stargirl’s” young demographic, even though the mutt did turn out to be okay.

Courtney (Brec Bassinger) made an excellent point to Pat (Luke Wilson): “When have we ever been prepared enough to make you happy?”

Maybe Barbara (Amy Smart) should lead the new JSA. She was able to figure out Eclipso was playing mind games with her.

“Pat, the members ask the questions.” Man, Syl really is a dick, isn’t he?

Right after Syl scolded Pat for calling Jay by his code name in public, Jay turned around and addressed Pat as Stripesy. Huh?

Joel McHale is being upped to series regular for season three, and here’s hoping we’ll discover he’s actually the Ultra-Humanite. We don’t need a Starman in this series and we don’t need Syl Pemberton, either.

But with the original JSA appearing once again in flashbacks, I wonder if this is just an extended tease to season three’s big event: a JSA/JSA team-up across the decades. Creator Geoff Johns scribbled such an arc for the DC comic, and it would be a thrill seeing the legends collide with their legacies.

I’m just spitballing here.

Or maybe just writing a more interesting show in my head than the one I’m watching on the tube.