OMG They Killed (Spoiler)!: ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Part One

"Crisis on Infinite Earths"Can’t say they didn’t warn us.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths,” CW’s Arrowverse crossover event and an adaptation of the legendary 1985 DC maxiseries, delivered one helluva knockout punch in the closing moments of its first chapter.

We lost a hero. And a great one, too.

Sure, we had to get through some simpering melodrama and some cheesy special effects, but the payoff was shocking and brutal.

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The JLA/JSA Nightmare: When Nazis Rule an Earth

The Justice League and the Justice Society meet the heroes of Earth X
When the JLA and the JSA met the Freedom Fighters of Earth X!

Len Wein had a problem: He was too good.

The writer for “Justice League of America” had marked the 100th issue of DC’s premier team book in 1972 with a rousing, riveting three-part JLA/JSA team-up that brought together 33 heroes to save Earth 2. It was a time-spanning epic that re-introduced the Golden Age heroes the Seven Soldiers of Victory and an old-school story so much fun, it sent a generation of comic book lovers into orbit.

A year later, Wein was ordered to do come up with something even better.

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