Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, "Teen Wolf" (Photo: MTV)

In honor of the ‘Teen Wolf’ reunion, take a howl back at the premiere episode

A full moon rises Friday as MTV reunites the cast of “Teen Wolf” to celebrate the show’s ninth anniversary.

Stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Max and Charlie Carver, Shelly Henning, series creator Jeff Davis, among others, will appear on MTV’s YouTube channel at noon eastern time. The special will raise money for the First Responders First Charity.

“Hope to see you all there. It’s gonna be all your buddies, the whole pack is back,” Posey tweeted.

Not exactly.

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Why Coming Out Stories Still Matter

Charlie CarverActor Charlie Carver, known for roles on “Teen Wolf,” “The Leftovers” and “Desperate Housewives,” recently came out in a moving series of Instagram posts.

He wrote, “As a young boy, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I knew I wanted to be a lot of things! It was around that age that I also knew, however abstractly, that I was different from some of the other boys in my grade. Over time, this abstract ‘knowing’ grew … ending in a climax of saying three words out loud: ‘I am gay.’

“I said them to myself at first, to see how they felt. They rang true, and I hated myself for them. I was twelve. It would take me a few years before I could repeat them to anyone else …”

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