Regina King, "Watchmen" (Photo: HBO).

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ revisits the past to capture this moment

In one of the bonus features on the new “Watchmen” DVD set, writer Damon Lindelof refers to this nine-part HBO series as “fan fiction.”

He was a boy when his father thrust the first two issues of the now legendary DC series “Watchmen” into his hands. His father didn’t think he was ready for the groundbreaking story. He had no idea how much it would change the course of Damon’s life and influence his writings.

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DC Edges Closer to a Justice Society Return

Golden Age Flash returns.
The return of the Golden Age Flash.

A year after its successful “Rebirth” launch, DC has teased the return of the Justice Society of America.

In the just completed story arc “The Button,” a four-part crossover in issues of “Batman” and “The Flash,” two members of the legendary super-team missing for years make appearances.

“The Flash” No. 21 opens with Johnny Thunder on the edge of a rooftop, screaming into a driving rain for his thunderbolt.

Orderlies grab the feisty 90-year-old and drag him back down.

“We lost the Justice Society! It’s all my fault!” he cries.

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