Archie’s ‘Jughead’ Goes Where No Comic Has Gone Before

I'm really glad 'Jughead' isn't a 3-D comic.
I’m really glad ‘Jughead’ isn’t a 3-D comic.

“Jughead” No. 3 is all about the No. 2.

The latest issue of the revamped Archie Comics book about Archie’s best pal, released Dec. 30, goes where no mainstream comic has gone before.

Right into the crapper.

It takes a dump.

OK, it shows a dump.

Jughead is at war with the new Riverdale High principal, who has suspended him. When the tyrant thinks he’s caught Jughead on school property, Jughead is quick to correct him.

He’s not actually on school property – and of course he will honor the school suspension. So much so that he won’t trespass to clean up the mess his beloved mutt Hot Dog just left on the lawn.

j3aIt’s not enough, apparently, for writer Chip Zdarsky to make the joke.

We have to see the joke, in all its fetid glory.

Look! Artist Erica Henderson has added squiggly lines so that we know it’s fresh and steaming. You can almost see a contented baby sleeping on a rock in the doggy do-do.

In the interests of fair and accurate reporting, I must remind you you can click on the image for a better view.

I don’t recommend it.

“The Black Hood” last year became the first Archie comic to include a four-letter word, though that book is part of the mature ages Red Circle line.

Under veteran writer Mark Waid, the rebooted “Archie” was one of the best books in 2015, updating the teen’s life in brilliant streaks of humor and teen angst.

“Jughead” is still an all-ages book, more or less, potty humor and all.



2 thoughts on “Archie’s ‘Jughead’ Goes Where No Comic Has Gone Before

  1. I’m shocked that the Archie comics have made a comeback in this corporate, post-ironic era. I’m not shocked at the scatological humor. This generation loves it! Think of all the comedy films in which scat jokes are de riguerre. It seems lazy and obvious to me.


    1. Oh, yeah. And the comic doesn’t need it. I’ve been surprised and heartened by the love and attention the reboots have shown these characters. I do wonder how long they’ll last – remember the “new look” a few years ago in the digests? And the company is having a terrible time getting their great horror comics out on schedule.

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