Because You Demanded It! The Sequel to the Silliest Scene in the Marvel Age!

jj2coverSome moments in comics are just so goofy, they can never be forgotten.

Even by the heroes themselves.

In the current issue of Marvel Comics’ “Jessica Jones,” No. 2, cover date January 2017, in a flashback to happier times, Luke Cage distracts his baby mama-to-be Jessica Jones with one of his less than great exploits as she struggles through labor.

“Anyway, so this chump-ass Doctor Doom looked me right in the eye and said that as soon as he heard there was a crazy black man toolin’ around in the Fantastic Four’s vehicle … He said he knew it had to be me.

“So I looked right at him and said, ‘Where’s my money, honey?’ ”

Luke Cage knows when to drop a story.
Luke Cage knows when to drop a story.

Jessica is feeling the worst pain of her life – but her brain didn’t dribble through her ears.

“You know I don’t believe a word of this story. … You called Doctor Doom ‘honey’?”


But here’s the thing: Astute readers of “Luke Cage” know he’s telling the truth.

That notorious moment occurred in “Luke Cage, Hero for Hire” No. 9, cover date May 1973, and you can read all about that issue here.

Reed never calls Doom "honey."
Betcha Reed never calls Doom “honey.” Maybe that is why they fight so much.

The interlude is a fun nod to Luke’s storied past and indicates creator Brian Michael Bendis has done his homework – or maybe he just reads this site.

“Jessica Jones,” for those who wonder, is proving to be a worthy successor to “Alias,” the original 2001 title that launched the hard knocks heroine.

My beef is that Luke and Jessica’s relationship bears little resemblance to the one depicted in the mainstream Marvel Universe in all the intervening years – by even creator Brian Michael Bendis himself. Across Marvel’s 931 monthly “Avengers” titles, including “Mighty Mighty Metamucil Avengers” and “Secret Tampon Avengers,” the two have been an adoring couple. To see them here at each other’s throats is almost as jarring as when Jim Shooter turned Hank Pym into a wifebeater.

Maybe Bendis will explain this turn in their relationship as the series progresses.

In any case, now we know:

Luke Cage has a long memory.

Or maybe you just never forget the men you call honey.

Sweet Christmas! How many honeys can one man have?
Sweet Christmas! How many honeys can one man have?

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