Check Out the Most Revolting Game Ever for Kids

The game that lives up to its title.
The game that lives up to its title.

From Hasbro, maker of Monopoly, My Little Pony and other fine products to entertain and distract children, comes this new game …

… about walking in poo.

In “Don’t Step In It!,” kids are blindfolded and must cross a playmat without stepping in piles of crap.

OK, it’s not real crap.

It’s a variant of Playdoh that you pack in a special mold to look like crap.

Oh, that makes it so much better.

From Hasbro: "Don't Step in It!"
From Hasbro: “Don’t Step in It!”

You think I’m making this up.

Nope. Here’s the actual commercial. I first spotted it while channel-surfing this weekend.

As it shows, you blindfold kids, spin them until they’re dizzy and send them barefoot on their merry way down the playmat.

Player who steps in the least amount of poop wins.

I would think that kid would be the one who looks at it and says, “Nah, I’m good, I’ll just chill in a corner and try to mate this Bratz doll with a Furby.”

Don't you feel sorry for this kid?
Don’t you feel sorry for this kid?

I don’t know about you, but when I see something like this, I’m horrified, I’m fascinated, and I need to know more.

Namely, how the heck did this get made?

Somebody had to pitch this to his or her boss.

This was a game that went through research and development and testing with focus groups.

You have to wonder about the games that didn’t make the cut.

“Dig for Boogers”? “Barbie Abortionist”? “My First Colonoscopy”?

Maybe for Christmas.

Poo parts.
The poo parts, in all their glory.

Amazingly – or not, depending on your taste – this game is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.

Parents – whom I am assuming do not work for Hasbro – rave about how much their kids love the game.

And apparently potty humor really drives a segment of toy sales.

You also can buy “Pull My Finger: The Farting Monkey Game” or “The Poopyhead Card Game: The Game Where No. 2 Always Wins.”

If you’re interested, you can get your very own copy of “Don’t Step In It” here.

It makes a great gag gift.

Emphasis on the gagging.



5 thoughts on “Check Out the Most Revolting Game Ever for Kids

  1. Oh, man, that is horrible!

    * Cue old timey music *
    When I was a boy, we had Kerplunkk!, Mouse Trap!, Buckaroo! and other games whose titles ended in exclamation marks (so at least that’s consistent with this) but none of those required the removal of clothing and stepping in fake faeces. What is the world coming too, eh? Kids today…

    By the way, I’m assuming “The Poppyhead Card Game” should be “Poopyhead” unless it’s some abomination of a game that links World War I remembrance with scat!


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