Vote as if Your Life Depends on It. Spoiler: It Does.

Every week under President Man-Baby seems like a decade.

Last week, someone tried to assassinate two former presidents and a secretary of state, among others.

That distressing news was crowded out by the massacre at a Jewish synagogue, the single greatest attack on Jews on American soil.

That horrific story, in turn, is being pushed aside by Man-Baby’s assertion that he can override the 14th Amendment to the Constitution with an executive order, to overturn the right of citizenship to babies born here to non-citizens.

Man-Baby continues to stoke his base with fears of an invading force at our borders.

In this, the final days leading to the mid-term election, the hate-fueled rhetoric will only increase. His attempts to divide us and to play to our fears will continue.

In the last two years, Man-Baby has attacked our rights to healthcare and to a clean environment. He delivered a tax cut to the wealthiest that has driven up our national debt by trillions. He has questioned the decency and patriotism of Muslims, Mexicans, the LGBT community, NFL players and women. He has called the press the No. 1 enemy of the American people, and as a newspaper writer and editor, I can personally attest to the rise in threats directed at me and my colleagues.

Please vote November 6th. This country needs you.

2 thoughts on “Vote as if Your Life Depends on It. Spoiler: It Does.

  1. Brian Dean Powers

    I voted several weeks ago. I love early voting because Republicans hate it so much. Early voting is up 150% where I live.

    One of the side effects of the tax giveaway is their plan to cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for it. Since this was their plan all along, is it a pre-existing condition?


  2. Brian, your comment reminds me of a recent comment from Marco Rubio on Twitter. He was blasting those who criticized Man-Baby’s thinking that he could override the 14th Amendment with an executive order. I pointed out that when Rubio was born, his parents were not citizens but he became a citizen automatically because of the provisions of the 14th amendment.

    The Republican philosophy seems to be: “I got mine and I’m going to take away yours.” One of the goals of that tax cut, besides fattening the wallets of Republican corporate supporters, was to go after Medicare and Social Security to pay for it. Thankfully, they should find it more difficult with a Democratic House. I hope.

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