Alec Baldwin’s Trump surprises graduates in SNL finale

President Trump (Alec Baldwin) shocked online graduates of Saint Mary Magdalene-by-the-Expressway when he popped up as their commencement speaker on the May finale of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

He was so honored to be their “vale-dictator.” He apologized for his appearance – he had to resort to a Liza Minnelli Tik-Tok tutorial to do his own makeup.

He drank from a Clorox bottle – “good ole invincibility juice” – and had a few choice words of advice for the graduates.

“Surround yourself always with the worst people you can find. That way, you’ll always shine … Live every day like it’s your last, ’cause we’re gonna let this virus run wild.”

Is this Baldwin’s last appearance as Trump?

He seemed to indicate so in his closing. That would a shame and a terrible loss to the show as we move into the final weeks of the election in the fall.

Kristen Wiig guest-hosted, from her home, naturally, and Tina Fey, Martin Short and Josh Gad were among the celebrity cameos.

The one controversial skit of the night: A PSA to allow kids to drink, featuring tots guzzling frazzled parents sang, “Well, if they got a little buzz, would it really be that bad?”

Some people took to social media to complain SNL had gone too far. Please. It’s a joke. No one is really promoting the idea that you should make screwdrivers for junior.

Elsewhere, Melissa Villasenor presented a hilarious impersonation of comedian John Mulaney, offering a Masterclass in wearing a suit. Pete Davidson gave a musical tribute to Danny Trejo.

The closing segment, “Dreams,” was powerfully poignant as cast members, each in their own beds, dreamt of life as it was before the virus – hanging out in Times Square, going to the theater or to sporting events, just being around other people.

We feel you, SNL.

Watch the opening segment with Alec Baldwin below, and then check out “Dreams.” You might have a bit of a cry yourself.

"Dreams," "Saturday Night Live" (Photo: NBC)
“Dreams,” “Saturday Night Live” (Photo: NBC)