‘Stargirl’: Parent-teacher nights are murder

How do you defeat a murderous mindreader with savage telekinetic powers?

Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) takes on one of the Justice Society’s most notorious foes in this week’s episode.

She has no training, no battle experience, and her cosmic staff seems to have a mind of its own.

This sure seems like it’s going to be over quickly – for Stargirl.

Warning: Minor spoilers follow.

The episode “S.T.R.I.P.E.” picks up from the premiere cliffhanger: Courtney has no idea what to make of stepfather Pat (Luke Wilson) in his new robotic suit.

“Is this thing even safe?” she wonders.

Pat isn’t even sure what he can do with his new contraption. His own training sequence is hilarious.

Courtney gets to know Beth Chapel (Anjelika Washington) a bit better. Beth is the only student at Blue Valley High who seems to be treating Courtney as if she’s a human being. Beth’s mother is a doctor, and she’s played by Kron Moore. Canny viewers will recognize Moore from also BET’s “The Oval,”  where she plays the psychotic First Lady. It’s startling to see her play somebody so thoughtful …. and kind. Dr. Chapel also has an unexpected connection to Brainwave (Christopher James Baker).

Christopher James Baker, "DC's Stargirl" (Photo: CW)
Christopher James Baker, “DC’s Stargirl” (Photo: CW)

Pat drops some more breadcrumbs about the Justice Society and the casualties of that horrific battle.

At least one member survived, at least for a time, and Pat has been doing his best to investigate the Injustice Society in his own way.

Courtney is smart enough to realize that it’s no coincidence they ended up in the same small town as Brainwave.

She’s more convinced than ever that Starman was her biological father, and she must be the one to avenge him. She sets out to make a costume out of the blood-stained remnants of his.

Pat knows that he can’t stop her. So where does that leave him?

At an open house at the high school, Courtney finds she can’t escape a telepath.

And there are more members of the Injustice Society out there who now know of her existence – and they’re coming to stamp out any legacy of the Justice Society.

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