I Wrote about Trump. Something Odd Happened.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I’ve written a few times on my personal site, MarkPerigard.com, about Orange Babyhands.

As you might guess, it hasn’t been particularly flattering.

Not long after the first post, something unusual happened.

All my posts across my site were bombed with spam … hundreds of unwelcome junk, most of it, judging from the use of the Russian email service Mail.Ru, from Russia.

The links were and are filthy – pointing to sex galleries with underage girls and boys, drugs, and more. Some were in Russian, some in English.

I’ve always had my spam filter set on high. Not one of these disgusting things ended up on my site.

I believe I triggered some sort of automated attack. Nothing personal, I just crossed somebody’s algorithm for dealing with nasty Babyhands reviews.

My site gets decent traffic, considering I post infrequently and mostly about old comic books.

Still, calling it inconsequential on the internet is an insult to truly inconsequential sites.

So what’s the point of throwing all this spam my way?

I have some ideas:

Imagine how a visitor would feel coming to the site and seeing all this garbage on the posts.

If they were sane, they would click right away to somewhere else.

If they dared click on a link, they’d probably download some malware.

Beyond driving off readers and discrediting the site, the real purpose is to convince the domain host company that it can’t be hosting such filth.

So the site would go away, one way or another.

Now if this is how Russian “information agencies” respond to some picayune website critical of Babyhands, imagine what other media organizations must go through.

Imagine the concerted level of attacks, say, on The Washington Post or The New York Times.

Just makes me want to write more about Orange Babyhands all the more.

Bring it, you filthy bots.

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