Six questions ‘Stargirl’ needs to answer

Three episodes in, “DC’s Stargirl” has launched a new hero into the stratosphere and laid the groundwork for the return of the first and greatest super-team.

But there are some urgent questions that need answers sooner rather than later.

What happened the night the Injustice Society attacked the Justice Society?

The series premiere opened with the final moments of the JSA. We saw Starman and Dr. Midnite die. The green flames and Jay Garrick’s helmet suggest Green Lantern and the Flash perished – though that could some deliberate misdirection on the part of the producers. Geoff Johns has great love for both characters. Did Wildcat survive?

In the second episode, Pat (Luke Wilson) told Courtney (Brec Bassinger) that Johnny Thunder, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl died in the battle.

According to Pat, the JSA died saving the world.

From viewers’ vantage point, it just looks like they just died and the Injustice Society got away unscathed.

How did Blue Valley, Nebraska, become the secret villain stronghold of the world?

What is it about Blue Valley? The robust tire industry? The charming theaters that teeter on the brink of bankruptcy? (Thank you, Barbara.) Why would the Injustice Society choose to make Blue Valley its home away from mayhem?

What is the endgame of these master villains?

They seem to have taken off the last decade. Were they really just looking for a quaint place to raise their kids? Nah!

If Pat really wants to stop Courtney’s superhero career, why doesn’t he tell her mother – you know, his wife?

Ah, secret identities. Where would superheroes – and superhero shows – be without them? Courtney has every reason to want to stay on the down-low about her extracurricular activities. She’s a teenager, so she thinks she is invincible and knows the answer to every question before it’s even asked. (It’s only when you reach your mid-twenties that you realize you know nothing.)

If Pat were really serious about stifling Courtney’s burgeoning career, he’d turn to his new bride, the love of his life, Barbara (Amy Smart). Why hasn’t he? Could it be that Pat is genuinely happy to have resumed his own superhero career? What did Pat do as soon as Courtney took off with that cosmic staff? He souped up his own Iron Giant cosplay. Sounds like somebody has been craving some sidekick action, as much as he might deny it.

When Barbara finds out what her husband and her daughter are up to, facing the Injustice Society might be the least of their problems.

What is the security like in the JSA brownstone?

It’s one thing to turn the JSA brownstone into a museum stuffed with old photos and costumes. But who in his right mind would leave out Johnny Thunder’s pen, which just happens to contain the Thunderbolt, a fifth dimension genie with magic powerful enough to rewrite reality? Brainwave was obsessed with obtaining the cosmic staff while the most powerful weapon in the world has just been sitting on a shelf for a decade. Courtney apparently found her way back in to the mansion and snatched that thing as if she were walking in to Target for a pack of Certs.

And finally …


You mean to say that foul fowl has been flitting about the JSA brownstone for the last decade? Did someone leave a window open for it? Is that thing potty trained?

These and another questions will be answered on the next episode of “DC’s Stargirl” …

… if we are very lucky.

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