Need to catch up on ‘Doom Patrol’ before the new season debuts? We’ve got you covered!

Those fabulous freaks are back!

“Doom Patrol” launches its second season on Thursday on DC Universe and HBO Max.

If your mind is a bit fuzzy about where the show left off (it has been a long 13 months), no worries:

In the season finale, the Doom Patrol decided to disband.

The insane agent of chaos, Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk), had forced the Chief (Timothy Dalton) to reveal his dark secret – that he was responsible for all the tragic accidents that gave them their powers.

Negative Man, Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), and Elasti-Woman, Rita Farr (April Bowlby), vowed to face the world with open arms.

That didn’t go so well.

Rita found her career as a junior high drama teacher squelched by her students’ utter disdain.

Larry pushed himself to master his negative energy form, maintaining a full 20 seconds separation before passing out.

Jane (Diane Guerrero) resorted to an untested drug to quell the voices in her head. Robotman, Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), supplied her with regular food deliveries, but kept his distance from her ferocious metahuman personalities.

Cyborg, Victor Stone (Joivan Wade), suffered nightmares about his gruesome surgery.

All were summoned back to Doom Manor by a song from Danny the Street, captured by Mr. Nobody in an attempt to gain control of the street’s most special resident, the Chief’s daughter, Dorothy Spinner.

The Chief confessed he had caused all their horrible accidents in attempt to learn the secret of immortality so that he could forever mind his all-powerful daughter.

Our heroes decided to venture into the magical painting leading to the White Space, where Mr. Nobody’s partners, Admiral Whiskers, the rat, and Ezekiel, a cockroach, were now giants destroying the street.

Was there a crazy plan? There’s always a crazy plan!

The team rescued Dorothy and managed to get themselves swallowed whole by Ezekiel.

With a little, um, persuasion, Admiral Whiskers and Ezekiel made out, and it was disgusting, but was it the worse thing on this series to see these two creatures french-kiss each other so deeply? It’s something scholars will wonder about for years.

Or not.

Larry unwrapped himself and unleashed a blast that destroyed Whiskers and the white space. Inside the cockroach, able to withstand the radiation, all were saved – or were they?

Danny the Street was now Danny the Brick.

Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter were trapped in the painting.

And with the exception of Larry, the members of the Doom Patrol were now the size of cockroaches.

What’s next?

The weirdest is yet to come!

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