‘Stargirl’: Mean girl

I need to confess something about this week’s episode of “Stargirl.”

I got chills.

More than once.

Warning! Mild spoilers follow!

If you’ve been wondering who the Janitor is … you will wonder no more.

That’s all I will say about that. Not a hint more. You deserve to see that play out.

But you may find yourself marveling at how the “Stargirl” creators have worked so hard to plant so many surprises for those familiar with the source material. The affection for the original comics becomes more apparent with every episode.

Oh, that reveal is not even the main event. Not even close.

In “Shiv Part One,” written by Evan Ball and directed by Lea Thompson (“Back to the Future”), the new members of the Justice Society, in their civilian guises, allow themselves a walk of satisfaction down the hall of Blue Valley High – until Cindy (Meg DeLacy) comes barreling through.

That sets the tone for the hour, as Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is forced to partner with her for chemistry class and learns more about Blue Valley High’s vicious queen bee.

We’ve seen how miserable some of these kids’ families are, how horrible they are treated by their parents or guardians. What if the kid is the nightmare?

Cindy’s father, the Dragon King (Nelson Lee), considers her his greatest experiment.

Cindy wants a seat at the Injustice Society table. She’s ready, she says.

It’s really hard to argue with her.

DeLacy finally gets the spotlight in this episode, and she owns it.

Elsewhere, Pat (Luke Wilson) creates a training space for the teenagers in his garage.

“Teamwork is what made the original Justice Society of America so special. But it took time for them to become great,” he says.

Courtney’s overconfidence ruins the moment.

At a football game, Mike (Trae Romano) gets real with Courtney. “He’s my dad, you know, not yours.”

If he only knew why they spend so much time together.

Courtney wanders off alone, again.

That’s a mistake.

Batman has the Joker. Stargirl crosses paths for the first time with the villain who will become her arch-nemesis, who will live to torment her.

She will never be the same.

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