‘Stargirl’: Don’t make me take off this hood!

Mean Girl Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) – also known as the aspiring Injustice Society member Shiv – nearly took Courtney’s (Brec Bassinger) head off in last week’s “Stargirl.”

How can she possibly follow that up?

Would you believe with some balloons and a box of chocolates?

Warning! Minor spoilers follow!

In “Shiv Part Two,” written by Paula Sevenbergen and directed by Geary McLeod, Courtney is hospitalized after that battle, but she’s still not willing to give Pat (Luke Wilson) permission to tell her mom Barbara (Amy Smart) about her crime-fighting career as Stargirl.

“If we tell her right now, she won’t let us do this anymore,” Courtney says.

Well, Barbara seems sane, so yeah.

“She’ll take this away from me,” Courtney says.

Oh, Court.

Pat is willing to do a lot for those he loves – and to sacrifice for those he loves.

Also arguing with a father figure this week: Cindy, who doesn’t get the approval she craves from daddy Dragon King (Nelson Lee).

“You put on your graduation uniform without my approval. You took my staff, and you went out, risking exposure, jeopardizing us all, and for what?” Dragon King says.

“I hurt her.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt it. You are so good at hurting things,” he says.

“Stop bringing up Mom.”

Dragon King knows how to put her in her place. “Do not make me remove my hood.”

Meg DeLacy as Shiv on "Stargirl" (Photo: CW)
Meg DeLacy as Shiv on “Stargirl” (Photo: CW)

Rick (Cameron Gellman) is furious that Cindy hurt Courtney.

He knows what to do: “We break Cindy Burman’s door down, and we take the bitch out.”

Hot Rick is cool, if you know what I mean, and you do.

Cooler heads prevail. Beth (Anjelika Washington) has a plan!

Is this a good thing?

Icicle’s (Neil Jackson) scheme starts to come into focus.

Henry Jr. (Justin Austin Walker) uncovers a family secret.

Also making sacrifices this week: Mike (Trae Romano), who gives up a plate of his beloved Pizza Palooza bites to Courtney. He’s also responsible for one heart-tugging moment.

Can you reason with a cosmic staff? Discuss.

Courtney gets the very last thing in the world she could ever expect from Cindy.

You just have to marvel at how Meg DeLacy embodies this twisted teen, with style, menace and a dash of black humor. I’m totally down for a Shiv spinoff.

But Cindy goes one threat too far, and Courtney takes their fight into the streets.

They are joined by someone they both know. But whose side is he on?

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