‘Stargirl’: Who will be the Biggest Bad?

You probably need a hug after this week’s episode of “Stargirl.”

Warning! Very specific spoilers – and some wild speculation – follow!

The Injustice Society of America apparently will go to any length to achieve their goals – even murder their own children.

Is Henry Jr. (Jake Austin Walker) truly dead? Could there be some last-minute telekinetic shield shenanigans of some sort that saved him from all those tons of debris?

After that heartfelt exit, in which Henry apologized to Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) and encouraged Courtney (Brec Bassinger) to continue to see the good in others, it seems unlikely.

After nearly a season in which Henry Jr. seemed to be on the same path as his twisted father Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), Henry Jr. redeemed himself and saved his costumed classmates.

His redemption arc – and the circumstances of his demise – got me thinking about the Injustice Society and how truly depraved they are.

The team murdered much of the original Justice Society. Icicle (Neil Jackson) murdered the Wizard’s innocent son (and then the parents) pretty much to prove a point.

Every other member has expressed no compunction about killing the new JSA, despite it being fairly obvious that they are teenagers.

But who is truly the worst? Who is going to be the one villain to truly bedevil this young group of heroes?

The obvious answer is Shiv.

As so brilliantly played by Meg DeLacy, Shiv is primed to be the Joker to Stargirl’s Batman.

Long after the rest of the Injustice Society are dead or jailed, Shiv will be the one archnemesis to follow Stargirl throughout her career.

But have you noticed? “Stargirl” doesn’t do obvious.

I have zero advance knowledge of what’s happening the end of this season, but I’m putting my money on this guy: Cameron Mahkent (Hunter Sansone).

Hunter Sansone and Brec Bassinger, "Stargirl" Photo: CW
Just say no, Courtney! (Hunter Sansone and Brec Bassinger, “Stargirl”) Photo: CW

Unlike Henry Jr.’s tortured arc, everything we’ve seen about Cameron says he’s just the nicest guy.

He’s a respectful teenager. He’s loving toward his father. He’s thisclose to being the perfect dreamboat for Courtney, the Romeo to her Juliet.

But how could anyone raised by the Norwegian grandparents from hell not be twisted?

There was just the slightest tease in the sixth episode “The Justice Society” in which father and son were at a diner, and it seemed as if Junior might tap into a frosty power to cool down a hot mug.

Consider all the effort the ISA put into finding out if Henry Jr. inherited his father’s powers. No concern for Cameron?

Maybe because they already know.

Imagine a scenario in which our new team of heroes stop the ISA from launching their mind control machine. In that battle, Icicle is killed – and Cameron vows to avenge his father – as Jack Frost.

He’ll rebuild the ISA with Shiv and with Sportsmaster and Tigress’ daughter.

Courtney won’t realize until it’s too late that she’s dating the enemy, a perfect liar and an implacable foe.

At least, that’s how I’d play out the second season.

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