About that ‘Stargirl’ finale …

Now that’s how you wrap a season. “Stargirl” concluded with the new Justice Society of America battling the Injustice Society with millions of lives in the balance.

Warning! If you haven’t watched the “Stargirl” season finale, click away! We’re going deep into the ISA tunnels here!

The finale gave and it took:

It’s just like writer Geoff Johns to give viewers their hearts’ desire – the return of Henry Jr. (Jake Austin Walker) – and snatch it away from them in the next moment.

That explanation for his survival underground, disguised as a minion, seemed perfectly plausible to those who wanted to believe …

… if not for that slip of a tongue.

Sorry, Henry Jr. fans, but Charles McNider’s AI begging for Beth’s (Anjelika Washington) help was the night’s most wrenching moment.

“Chuck” is Beth’s first and best friend, and her shock at being unable to save her pal was palpable.

One can only hope that Charles managed to upload himself to a cloud somewhere, and Beth can download him to a new set of goggles in season two.

The new JSA is changed by their battle with the ISA:

Courtney (Brec Bassinger) fully accepts Pat as her father. Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) is stressed about slashing Brainwave’s throat; Beth is bereft without Chuck; and Rick (Cameron Gellman) is ebullient after taking on the monster who killed his parents.

Much has been spoken about Rick’s anger, but Rick finally managed to decipher his father’s journal. He also encouraged Pat to rescue Barbara and reminded him that he didn’t need his robotic exoskeleton to be a hero. Post-battle, Rick was supportive to all his teammates. The JSA is Rick’s first real family in a decade, and he loves them.

But Hourman let Solomon Grundy go.

What does he expect Grundy will do, get a job as a barista at the Blue Valley Starbucks?

“gRunDy mAke lAtTe, eXtrA cReAm, NO sUgAr.”

That decision should bite Rick in the ass in Season Two.

Yolanda feels guilty about killing Brainwave, but is no one going to talk about Mike (Trae Romano) smashing into Icicle and shattering him into ice chips? Both were justified in the moment.

Of course, Dragon King’s mind control contraption looks like the X-Men’s Cerebro: The Injustice Society are clearly Marvel fans. What else would they be? Duh.

No Cameron? Babysicle (Hunter Sansone) was MIA for the two-parter. We spent so much time with Fiddler’s brat Isaac (Max Frantz).

No Jakeem? The name-checked, future JSA member also failed to make an appearance, not even in the post-credits.

Can Barbara wield the cosmic staff?

The cosmic staff is cold and dead to everyone but Courtney (Brec Bassinger) – and maaaaayyyyyybe Barbara (Amy Smart).

Consider the moment in the first half of the finale when Tigress (Joy Osmanski) attacked Barbara. Courtney intervened as Stargirl, and in that battle, the staff “caught” Barbara and spun her around out of Tigress’ grasp.

You can make the argument for actions in the heat of battle, but it also seemed as if the staff was just as intent on protecting her as much as Courtney.

Worth noting: Barbara is surprisingly athletic in her own right and evaded Tigress fairly well, considering she’s portrayed as a businesswoman with no training in heroics. She was also key to knocking Tigress out.

Also consider her reaction to Courtney sparring with Tigress: She wasn’t worried. She was thrilled. She thought Courtney was bad-ass.

And where did Courtney get these qualities but from her mom? “Starwoman” could be a useful back-up to the JSA.

Is that the real Starman in that post-credit teaser?

I smell a rat, and the wind is coming from Ultra-Humanite’s direction. The baddie is known for inserting his brain into the bodies of others to get what he wants. He’s not known for reanimating corpses, but there’s always a first time. Why Pemberton? He figures he can rule the world with the cosmic staff.

What we need to see in Season Two:

More JSA members.

Yolanda needs to meet with Wildcat. Bring on Dr. Fate. The Flash. Green Lantern. There are so many veterans to choose from.

As for new members for the Justice Society, how about another teen contemporary, Maxine Hunkel? The granddaughter of the original Red Tornado could add much to the team with her power to whip up ferocious winds.

And the most important questions:

How many episodes will CW produce in Season Two? 13 or 22?

When does Season Two begin airing?

Bring it.

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