‘Lovecraft Country’: You put a spell on me

After last week’s trippy cosmic episode, HBO’s “Lovecraft Country” (Sunday at 9 p.m.) returns with an installment grounded in the aftermath of an unspeakably evil, true moment in American history.

And it serves as a wrenching backdrop for a pivotal chapter that finds our heroes making deals with a devil to protect one another.

What we won’t do for love.

Warning! Much like the demonic imps in this episode, some spoilers follow!

In “Jig-a-Bobo,” written by Misha Green and Ihuoma Ofordire and directed by Green, young Diana (the wonderful Jada Harris) finally gets a spotlight. Her mother Hippolyta remains missing, and Diana knows the adults around her are lying.

The police in this city are not only racist, some are masters of the dark arts. After a terrifying encounter with police, Diana finds herself followed by frightening demons who mean to destroy her.

What no one, not those vile police, nor those demons, reckon with: Diana is truly her parents’ child. She is smart and brave and willing to fight. Those who have waited to see more of Harris’ young heroine will not be disappointed.

Something to consider: Hippolyta went through that space-time rift and has yet to return; Atticus (Jonathan Majors) also went through a rift and did return. What he experienced – and what he returned with – change the tempestuous dynamic between Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams) and his son.

Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams) and Atticus (Jonathan Majors) compare notes in "Lovecraft Country" (Photo: HBO)
Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams) and Atticus (Jonathan Majors) compare notes in “Lovecraft Country” (Photo: HBO)

Leti (Jurnee Smollett) and Atticus are determined to protect one another, even if it means making deals with the last person they should trust.

In its telling of the 1950s Black American experience, “Lovecraft Country” resonates all-too-often with current events, perhaps none so catastrophically as with the scene-stunner at the close of the hour.

You’ll know it when you see it. You’ll hold your breath.

Then everything goes completely bat-bleep crazy.

Sorrow in Chicago in "Lovecraft Country" (Photo: HBO)
Sorrow in Chicago in “Lovecraft Country” (Photo: HBO)

If you’re not watching “Lovecraft Country,” I don’t know what to say, other than you are missing one of the finest, most challenging dramas of the year, one that walks in fantasy as well as our harsh reality.

I only know that after this airs Sunday night, I want to talk to everyone I know about this episode.

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