We need to talk about THAT ‘Big Sky’ moment

ABC’s “Big Sky” ended with one helluva shock ending – one that left viewers reeling.


Major spoilers!

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At the conclusion of last night’s premiere, chatty Montana state trooper Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) pulled his gun on private investigator Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) and shot him at point-blank range.

Emerging from Cody’s car, covered in Cody’s blood, he got on his cell phone and blasted his partner-in-crime – Ronald! – for screwing everything up.

John Carroll Lynch in 'Big Sky' (Photo: ABC)
John Carroll Lynch in ‘Big Sky’ (Photo: ABC)

So people who tuned in expecting to enjoy the premiere of Ryan Phillippe’s new drama series instead got to see him in the Janet Leigh “Psycho” role – the extra special guest star killed off in the first chapter of this ongoing story.

You have to give credit to ABC for not giving that secret away in any of its publicity efforts.

And for those who still think there might be some way Cody possibly could have survived that blast –


– there’s no sign of him in next week’s episode, and everything to indicate that Trooper Rick Legarski is a man who eliminates any pesky loose cannons who might be able to incriminate him.

He sure as heck wasn’t firing blanks. And he didn’t miss, not at that range, and not with that amount of blood splatter.

Unlike Ronald, he’s not into taking prisoners.

Beneath that friendly “easy peasy” chatter, Rick Legarski is deadly serious about business.

So is “Big Sky.”

No one is safe.