To celebrate its new home at Peacock, ‘The Office’ releases a never-before-seen scene

NBC’s “The Office” closed up shop in 2013, but apparently NBC has been holding on to comedy gold all these years.

To mark “The Office’s” move to the Peacock streaming service, NBC Universal released this never-before-seen cold open apparently filmed for the ninth and final season and never aired.

Here, Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) prank Dwight (Rainn Wilson) with a “Matrix”-style caper that has him questioning reality – and his choice of which pill to swallow may surprise you.

It sure shocked Jim.

See for yourself:

This great clip is also another opportunity to appreciate recurring guest star Hugh Dane as security guard Hank, also known as “Dorpheus” – Morpheus’ brother. Dane sadly passed away in 2018.

And you have to wonder: Are there more such gems locked in a vault somewhere? You can’t tell me somebody at NBC Universal said, oh, yeah, we’re going to have our own streaming service sometime in the next decade, we better hang on to this.

Finally: How did Jim ever get anything done during his work hours with all the work required to stage these insanely elaborate pranks?

Here’s hoping there are more gems to be uncovered in the new year.

But watch out for the Men in Black.

The Men in Black (Photo: NBC).
The Men in Black (Photo: NBC).