Dan Levy makes the most of a middling ‘Saturday Night Live’

“Schitt’s Creek” legend and multi-Emmy winner Dan Levy gave his all to hosting last night’s “Saturday Night Live.”

If only the rest of the crew managed the same.

The night was immediately marred by botched camera angles and technical difficulties.

The cold open, a spoof of the Super Bowl pre-show, was too much like the real deal – long and boring. The camera folks were slow on the uptake, and it looked as if Mikey Day was left waiting for the teleprompter to catch up.

In his host monologue, Levy gave a backstage pandemic tour and found his dad, Eugene, stuck in an isolation booth.

Points for the Black history commercial swerving from archival clips to a plug for Cheez-It.

The Zillow parody, with singles discovering the site is their new porn (“I wanna flip that.”), hit a wee too close to home. I may or may not spend all my free time looking at other’s people’s homes. Don’t tell the feds about that.

Of course, “Weekend Update’s” Michael Che made a prison rape joke. We wouldn’t expect anything but the worst from him, and judging from the audience groans, they agreed.

Levy played a novice Universal Studios tour guide prone to oversharing (“Seinfeld’s” Newman is his softener. Don’t ask.). He was a Super Bowl partier breaking every pandemic safety protocol as he ate chili with his bare hands. He was the wedding guest with no objections but plenty of things to say (and text), and the bartender with a football song nobody knew.

He came to play.

The writers? Not so much.

The best segment of the night: The YouTube Twins who “discover” well-known music.

Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd nailed their impersonations of the brothers as they listened to the “Friends” theme, the Meow Mix jingle, and even the alphabet song.

“I have never heard letters lined up before!” Thompson enthused.

Watch for yourself.

And I can’t wait for the twins to drop their own reaction video to seeing themselves parodied on SNL.