‘Stargirl’: Head trip

Now that was depressing.

In an expected change of pace, on this week’s “Stargirl,” Yolanda faced her guilt – and gave up.

In “Summer School: Chapter Seven,” written by Robbie Hyne and directed by Sheelin Choksey, Eclipso, disguised as weird kid from the corn field Bruce Gordon, worked his malevolence over Blue Valley while Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) went to church and suffered from migraines.

Oh, I kid.


The JSA team meeting was fascinating. Everyone reacted perfectly in character to Yolanda’s confession about killing Brainwave (Christopher James Baker). Courtney (Brec Bassinger) was supportive. Rick (Cameron Gellman) talked a good game. Beth (Anjelika Washington) was horrified and confused. Yolanda’s fear that she would have to be the JSA’s killer proved to an admission no one was ready for.

I wish someone had pointed out that if Yolanda hadn’t acted so quickly against Brainwave, he would have killed her and enslaved half the country. Her action can be considered self-defense.

It was only fitting Yolanda faced her demon in church, her sanctuary. Brainwave attacked and told her that with his dying breath, he projected his consciousness into her and soon he would have complete control of her body.

Now that’s the kind of vicious failsafe you’d expect from a schemer like Brainwave. But was it real?

Courtney might have been speaking for every viewer when she asked her family, “Was this Brainwave? Or was this Eclipso? Or was this just in her head?”

All that’s certain: No more Wildcat for awhile.

Random thoughts:

Why was Courtney in church in civilian clothes with her staff?

Mrs. Montez sure is a piece of work. She actually had the nerve to blame Courtney for corrupting her daughter. Yolanda’s sexting scandal erupted before Courtney got to Blue Valley. That’s what started Yolanda spiraling.

Pat has the shards of the Eclipso diamond and just leaves them lying around his garage. Oh, Pat.

What do we have to do to get more Hunter Sansone in the show? The series is wasting a huge talent. Sansone has leading man charisma and merits more than a scene a week (if that). Push him toward his own frosty destiny and let’s give this non-starter of a romance with Courtney a real Romeo & Juliet twist. Or have I spoiled season three?

Next week: Eclipso targets Beth and Rick faces Solomon Grundy. Looks like we have to live with the JSA getting dismantled before the team is built back up to face Eclipso.