DC/IDW’s ‘Love is Love’ Honors Pulse Victims

DC/IDW's benefit book 'Love is Love'
DC/IDW’s benefit book ‘Love is Love’

DC and IDW Publishing’s “Love is Love” welcomes the best and brightest comics creators today to honor the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando in June.

Marc Andreyko (“Batwoman”) has gathered such talents as Paul Dini, Gail Simone, Phil Jimenez and Brian Michael Bendis as well as a few folks you don’t typically associate with comics: Patton Oswalt, Taran Killam, Morgan Spurlock and Matt Bomer.

Most of the stories in this 144-page trade paperback run just one page.

One page?

What kind of impact can one page deliver?

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Why Coming Out Stories Still Matter

Charlie CarverActor Charlie Carver, known for roles on “Teen Wolf,” “The Leftovers” and “Desperate Housewives,” recently came out in a moving series of Instagram posts.

He wrote, “As a young boy, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I knew I wanted to be a lot of things! It was around that age that I also knew, however abstractly, that I was different from some of the other boys in my grade. Over time, this abstract ‘knowing’ grew … ending in a climax of saying three words out loud: ‘I am gay.’

“I said them to myself at first, to see how they felt. They rang true, and I hated myself for them. I was twelve. It would take me a few years before I could repeat them to anyone else …”

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Ten Years Later, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Just Won’t Quit

A decade later, 'Brokeback Mountain's' power has not dimmed.
A decade later, ‘Brokeback Mountain’s’ power has not dimmed.

Ten years ago this month, “Brokeback Mountain” was released into movie theaters.

By all conventional box-office wisdom, the movie should have dropped like a stone, closed within a week and would have been but a footnote in film history.

What happened was far different.

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Hey, ‘Arrow’! Don’t screw up Mr. Terrific!


Alex Ross' intense interpretation of Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific.
Alex Ross’ intense interpretation of Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific.

One of the most tantalizing tidbits dropping from the San Diego Comic-Con: Mr. Terrific will be joining “Arrow.”

Whoa. That’s huge.

And suddenly I was ready to forgive the show for the godawful slog of season three. That League of Assassins story ran so long and so aground, I was ready to shoot an arrow into my own beloved TV.

OK, but for comic readers – and fans of the Justice Society – there is one question: Which Mr. Terrific will be joining the CW hit? There are two.

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The Kids’ Table No More … and Other Rumblings on SCOTUS

Love winsRemember the kids’ table at holidays?

This is where the grown-ups exiled the kids at meal time. It was always some rickety card table with a cheap plastic table cloth and you were stuck on a folding chair between cousin Frankie who eats his own boogers and Dottie who still has “accidents.”

Man, I hated the kids’ table.

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