Kimberly McCullough, "General Hospital" (Photo: ABC)

Is there a ‘perfect’ soap moment? Yes!

Is there a perfect soap moment?

A spot that somehow encapsulates all the great things about the soaps? One that captures the romance and the drama and demonstrates why they are so beloved by viewers?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since ABC aired “The Story of Soaps,” a prime-time tribute to daytime serials.

It was a surprisingly well-done special, until Andy Cohen guest-starred in the role of undertaker and declared the soaps dead.

As if.

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Dee Wallace, Jackie Zeman and Tony Geary in "General Hospital" (Photo: ABC)

Dive into the best of the soaps

ABC and People present a two-hour celebration of daytime serials in “The Story of Soaps” tonight at 9.

Soaps rarely get any attention in prime time, so this special is definitely worth checking out.

The documentary features such celebrities as Carol Burnett, Bryan Cranston (who got his break on “Loving”) and Jon Hamm dishing on the genre.

The network promises the special will explore how female creators shifted from radio to television and how their work changed pop culture.

You can also probably expect to see a fair share of catfights, crying, catfights, people dying, catfights, people coming back from the dead, and catfights.

There’s so much more to daytime than its excesses.

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