Dive into the best of the soaps

ABC and People present a two-hour celebration of daytime serials in “The Story of Soaps” tonight at 9.

Soaps rarely get any attention in prime time, so this special is definitely worth checking out.

The documentary features such celebrities as Carol Burnett, Bryan Cranston (who got his break on “Loving”) and Jon Hamm dishing on the genre.

The network promises the special will explore how female creators shifted from radio to television and how their work changed pop culture.

You can also probably expect to see a fair share of catfights, crying, catfights, people dying, catfights, people coming back from the dead, and catfights.

There’s so much more to daytime than its excesses.

If you’re looking for an example of how great the genre can truly be, you can do yourself no greater favor than tuning into “General Hospital” on Friday.

The network is re-airing GH’s 52nd anniversary show from 2015.

It’s an hour that revisits Luke Spencer’s (Emmy winner Tony Geary) troubled past and reveals the horrific secrets that made him the man he is.

Headwriter Ron Carlivati (now helming “Days of Our Lives”) outdid himself by spinning a story set within GH’s debut episode back in 1963.

Jason Thompson, Rebecca Herbst and Chloe Lanier, "General Hospital" (Photo: ABC)
Jason Thompson, Rebecca Herbst and Chloe Lanier, “General Hospital” (Photo: ABC)

It features stars Rebecca Herbst, Jason Thompson and Ryan Carnes taking on iconic roles from the original episode. It also includes star Laura Wright in the role of her character’s grandmother, and a remarkable turn from Chloe Lanier as the feisty Pat, Luke’s sister. Lanier was so memorable, she was later hired for the contract role of Nelle, one of daytime’s unforgettable sociopaths. Guest star Dee Wallace plays Pat in the present day, the keeper of terrible family secrets.

You don’t need any knowledge of the show to appreciate the extraordinary hour of acting, writing, direction, and music. It’s one of the finest hours you’ll witness, day or night.




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