Tina Fey, "30 Rock" (Photo: NBC)

Tina Fey realizes blackface is offensive … in 2020

Tina Fey has managed to have four episodes of her sitcom “30 Rock” pulled from syndication and streaming services because characters appear in blackface.

If you’re wondering how a major commercial network such as NBC would ever allow one of its prestige shows to depict characters in blackface, remember that “30 Rock” was filmed in a far simpler time, back in the 1940s –


(Checks notes.)

— in 2008.

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Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Tucker Carlson loses his K-K-K -loving mind over Black Lives Matter

Tucker Carlson says black people are coming for you.

The heir to the Swanson frozen dinner fortune dropped that warning in his Fox News show last night.

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives, and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will,” he told his viewers.

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Hartley Sawyer, "The Flash" (Photo: CW)

‘The Flash’ kicks Hartley Sawyer to the curb

“The Flash” has fired Hartley Sawyer, the actor who played Ralph Dibny, also known as the Elongated Man, after a horrid collection of racist, sexist and violent tweets were uncovered, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The first question: Why did it take so long? Why was he hired in the first place? Why didn’t anyone in HR just do a cursory check of his Twitter feed when the network was considering him for the role? How could this really be such a surprise?

Sawyer wasn’t hiding the nonsense.

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