Jerry Seinfeld is …. Murder Hornet

We can agree: 2020 is a nightmare.

As if the summer couldn’t look any dire, Murder Hornets have arrived on our fair shores.

What, my innocent travelers, are Murder Hornets? These are Asian giant hornets, two inches long, orange-headed and orange-striped. They are known for decapitating honey bees and feeding their midsections to their young. Their neurotoxin is powerful enough to kill a human if the person is stung multiple times.

They sound like something only Stephen King could create.

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to make mirth out of madness. Last night, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” dropped the trailer for the summer animated blockbuster coming never to your theater: “Murder Hornet.”

It stars Jerry Seinfeld as a lovable hornet who just wants to murder people.

“It’s right there in the name!” he says.

The comedy is practically stinging. (Sorry.)

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