Starz’s ‘Hightown’: A dead body is just the start of a bad, no-good, terrible day

In Starz’s new crime drama “Hightown,” premiering Sunday, Jackie Quinones (Monica Raymund, “Chicago Fire”) discovers the body of a murdered woman on a beach in Provincetown.

That’s not even the worst part of Jackie’s day.

Jackie is a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who works to feed her pleasures: booze, cocaine, and random hook-ups with tourists impressed by her badge.

But her discovery of that dead woman, a police informant, looks to put her on a collision course with some dangerous people.

Sgt. Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale, “24”) of the Cape Cod Interagency Narcotics Unit,  thinks he knows who’s responsible for the murder – mobster Frankie Cuerva (Amaury Nolasco, “Prison Break”).

The problem with that theory is that Frankie is already in jail – and that means he must still be running his gang on the outside. Ray’s determination is immediately evident; so is his recklessness, which could jeopardize quite a few people.

The eight-episode series, created by Rebecca Cutter and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, was partially filmed in Provincetown. The series works to capture the tension between townies and tourists without trashing one group over the other. Some of the cast attempts to deliver a New England accent border on Mayor Quimby impersonations.

It’s a pleasure to see Raymund rising from the ashes of “Chicago Fire” dreck. She’s low-key authentic as a woman forced to admit how her own addictions run – and ruin – her life.

Still, after the first hour, you might be hard-pressed to think of a good reason to schedule a return visit. There’s not much tension here, and little sizzle.

“Hightown” is a letdown.