‘Stargirl’: Innocence lost

Courtney learns a painful lesson about the risks of crimefighting on the new episode of “DC’s Stargirl” airing this week on DC Universe and CW.

Warning: Mild spoilers follow!

“Icicle,” the third episode of the series, drops some brutally cold truths about the villain who murdered Starman. This hour leaves no doubt how far he will go to get what he wants and whom he will destroy to get it.

Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is energized by her victory over Brainwave. She is ready to battle the rest of the Injustice Society, and despite Pat’s (Luke Wilson) objections, she has a three-point plan to take them down.

“Find them. Surprise them. Kick their ass.”

Was that a chapter from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”? I forget.

Courtney doesn’t have to wait long to face Icicle, and there is a casualty.

Pat thinks a visit to the Justice Society brownstone will teach a sobering lesson to Courtney.

He really doesn’t know this teenager.

Pat and Courtney in the JSA brownstone, "DC's Stargirl" (Photo: CW)
Pat and Courtney in the JSA brownstone, “DC’s Stargirl” (Photo: CW)

Courtney is absolutely fascinated by the displays of weapons, costumes, and, yes, even one mascot on display.

And what’s with the gleaming pink pen that squeals when you touch it?

(Oh, JSA fans know exactly what’s in that pen.)

“No one can take their place,” Pat tells her. “They were the best in the world.”

Wrong thing to say, Pat.

“Did they start out like that?” Courtney wonders.

It’s an excellent question – one Courtney decides she will answer herself, in her own way.

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