‘Stargirl’: Where fools tread …

The all-new Justice Society of America takes on the Injustice Society on the new “Stargirl.”

What could go wrong?

How about everything?

Warning! The following contains mild spoilers for the episode “Justice Society.”

Pat (Luke Wilson) reads Courtney (Brec Bassinger) the riot act for breaking into JSA headquarters and stealing so many costumes and powerful weapons.

“You put these kids in real danger,” he says.

He wants everything back.

That’s going to be a problem.

Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) has been studying up on Ted Grant.

Taking on the mantle of Wildcat is the best thing that has happened to her in months.

Beth (Anjelika Washington) is deliriously happy about connecting with Charles McNider’s AI persona embedded in the Dr. Mid-Nite goggles.

“I never met anyone who listened to me – until him,” she says.

The show and the actress continue to do a masterful job of making Beth sweet, amusing and downright poignant in her own way.

Good luck getting Rick (Cameron Gellman) to give up the hourglass and a chance to avenge his parents.

“If Pat asks for your staff back, are you giving it to him?” Rick asks Courtney.

Ooh, that is a good question.

Can we just take a minute and appreciate that bad-ass Hourman outfit? I’m ready for a spinoff. A big-screen movie. How about a new JSA comic book? Too much?

Super-villains really don’t know how to explain a date night. Or even do a date night.

Icicle and son mark a sad occasion. Is Junior a chip off the ole ice cube?

Midnite’s goggles alert the quartet to the presence of an Injustice Society member.

There’s no stopping this group – as much as Courtney might like to.

Surely, they can capture one bad guy, right?

The action sequences only surpass about 90 percent of all the Arrowverse shows.

These young heroes have no training.

They have never worked together.

They have never faced a super-villain.

They are not prepared.

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