‘Stargirl’: Home invasion

When we last left “Stargirl,” Icicle (Neil Jackson) had ordered a hit on Courtney, Pat and Barbara – oh, and don’t forget Mike.

“Can’t leave a legacy running around,”  he told Brainwave (Christopher James Baker).

And that’s where we pick up in “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One,” the first half of the season finale, written by Melissa Carter and directed by Toa Fraser.

Warning! Some spoilers follow! Go down this tunnel at your own risk!

“Who takes their kids out of school in November to go camping?” Mike (Trae Romano) wonders.

Good question. Mike is about to get all the answers he’s wanted about his family, but he gets impatient with his father, Pat (Luke Wilson), and storms out of the garage.

And that’s when Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) makes his presence known to Pat.

Barbara (Amy Smart) faces her own houseguest from hell: Tigress (Joy Osmanski).

Much praise has been lavished on “Stargirl” for being a show for the entire family, but if you have wee ones watching, just know that this episode (and next week’s) features some really thrilling but scary as all heck action sequences, with people we’ve come to care about in mortal jeopardy.

Brainwave drops some harsh truth on Cindy (Meg DeLacy).

Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), "Stargirl" (Photo: CW)
Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), “Stargirl” (Photo: CW)

Beth’s IAnjelika Washington) Dr. Midnite goggles continue to amaze. Rick (Cameron Gellman) makes a breakthrough with his father’s journal.

The Shining Knight (Mark Ashworth)? He’s going to clean the bathroom.

A dispute over parenting styles just might end one Injustice Society member. (Seriously.)

Barbara asks the question that has been lingering all season long: Why didn’t Pat ever tell her about his past as a hero?

The new Justice Society of America learns exactly what the villains want, and it’s not what any one of them had on their Supervillain Bingo card.

And never have these young heroes been more alone.

It’s such a great episode, and you need to watch it, so I’m just going to quote some random dialogue from the hour to fill up the rest of this post:

“The password is New Kids on the Block.” “What does that mean?”

“He took the bow of his violin and put it through one of their eardrums.”

“It will either work, or every cell in your prefrontal cortex is going to melt and your spinal cord will turn into slush.”

“Hey, Pat, are you sure we’re on the right side?”

“As famous last words go, I’m underwhelmed.”

“Lovely home you have.”

Next week: The battle to end all battles! Rematches, grudge matches, betrayals, and more. And there WILL be casualties! 

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