‘Doom Patrol’ 2.8: ‘Dad Patrol’

The penultimate episode of “Doom Patrol’s” season turns out to be the most moving. Our fabulous heroes face their daddy issues and demon issues, and, oh, the world looks as if it is set to end, in case you were wondering.

In “Dad Patrol,” written by Tom Farrell and April Fitzsimmons and directed by Amanda Row, Cliff (Brendan Fraser) spends his day bonding with daughter Clara, who is just weeks away from giving birth.

Cliff is trying too hard, but Clara is understanding. She thrills him when she calls him Dad and gives him an invitation to her upcoming wedding to her partner Melissa.

After her brief foray into crimefighting, Rita (April Bowlby) fancies herself as the Beekeeper, the newest superhero in town.

In one of the season’s funniest moments, Rita imagines herself as Emma Peel and Cyborg (Joivan Wade) as Steed in a perfect remake of the opening to the great “Avengers” series.

Cyborg is skeptical about how far she can go with it, but he’s naturally distracted by the realization that his girlfriend Roni (Karen Obilom) killed one of the men responsible for her implants.

Roni is not penitent.

She reminds him she has always been honest with him, and she will continue to do what she has to to take care of herself.

When he tries to bring her in to the authorities, she turns on him with a fury and sends him hurtling across the room.

She backs off only when she sees his blaster primed.

Rita as the Beekeeper blocks her way – for a second. Roni brushes by Rita, who is clearly frightened by the confrontation.

This superhero thing may take longer for Rita, alas.

In the Underground, Jane (Diane Guerrero) confronts her alters about the disappearances of two of the other alters.

Miranda (Samantha Marie Ware) tells them that they moved on – indicating that young Kay is getting psychologically stronger as she re-integrates those parts of her personality.

Kay wants her stuffed animal back, the one she lost down the well – the real well, back in Arkansas – where her father would send her to punish her.

With Larry (Matt Bomer) in tow, Jane goes back to her family home and that boarded up well to reclaim that stuffed animal. She’s doing it to prove she still can contribute something to Kay and the other alters.

Hidden at in a crevice in the dry well, Jane finds the toy, along with a letter from Miranda, vowing to take care of Kay – and apparently indicating she killed Kay’s father to protect her.

In the Underground, Jane apologizes to Miranda and promises to obey her in all things.

Miranda tosses the doll back in the Underground’s well – and then Jane as well.

As Jane struggles in the water, she discovers the bodies of the other missing alters, Lucy Fugue, Baby Doll, and the others. Miranda has apparently been killing the alters and now wants Jane dead, too.

Dorothy runs from the Candlemaker in "Doom Patrol," Photo: HBO Max
Dorothy runs from the Candlemaker in “Doom Patrol,” Photo: HBO Max

The Chief (Timothy Dalton) gives Dorothy a dream day – on what is meant to be her final day – at the county fair, unaware that Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro) has had her first period.

That turns out to be ominous. Dorothy is haunted by visions of her mother telling her she’s ready – and the Candlemaker telling her she has to let him out now. She has no choice.

Kipling (Mark Sheppard) shows up at the appointed hour to take care of Dorothy, but Chief panics. He can’t let him hurt her daughter.

It all seems moot anyway as wax falls on Kipling. He recognizes it as a sign they are too late. The entire fair seems to be melting. People scream and run in panic. The Candlemaker is coming.

In the season finale: Our heroes stand together – for a moment, anyway, as the Candlemaker looks ready to destroy the world.

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