We are not worthy of Laura Benanti

The Republican Convention opened last night with a blistering nightmare vision of America if Trump is not re-elected.

The Boston Globe’s Renee Graham called it the “White Fear Olympics.”

It was a night when dog whistles were air raid sirens. It was a night when a woman just screamed for no reason. It was a night when her partner in lunacy, Dolt Jr., appeared with moist, bloodshot eyes.

Why it almost seemed as if both needed a stimulant to make it onstage.

Thank God for Laura Benanti.

After that night of rage-tweeting acted out by folks who wouldn’t make it in a community college production, the Broadway star returned to CBS’ “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in her recurring role as Melania Trump.

And there was just so much to talk about, from Melania’s recent destruction of the White House Rose Garden to her preparation for her upcoming convention speech. (Will she plagiarize Michelle Obama as she did in 2016?)

Laura Benanti, "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" (Photo: CBS)
Laura Benanti, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (Photo: CBS)

“Happy elephant convention to you!” she greeted Colbert.

She shared a preview of her speech – which sounded suspiciously familiar – and then got chummy about the state of her marriage.

As for her “renovation” of the Rose Garden, she stated, “It hadn’t been cleaned in years. Underneath all those plants, there was dirt everywhere!”

Describing her approach as “reverse Marie Kondo,” she said, “I look at something, and if it sparks joy, I kill it.”

Colbert’s writers really go all-out whenever Benanti appears, and she delivers her zingers with razor sharpness.

We could use the laughs. Now if we can only get Benanti to appear every night until Nov. 3, we might just get through the next two months.

Watch for yourself. Ms. Benanti pops up at the 3:13 mark: