‘Lovecraft Country’ finale: ‘We can be monsters or heroes.’

In the finale of HBO’s “Lovecraft Country” (Sunday at 9 p.m.), a horrific date with destiny looms, and blood spills by the buckets.

And who can possibly survive?

Warning! Minor spoilers follow! Get your protection spell ready!

In “Full Circle,” teleplay by Misha Green, story by Green and Ihuoma Ofordire, and directed by Nelson McCormick, Diana (Jada Harris) remains on the brink of death.

Armed with the Book of Names, Tic (Jonathan Majors) and Leti (Jurnee Smollett) suddenly find themselves transported to realms familiar and frightening, with unexpected guides.

As the autumn equinox approaches, Tic and his family search for any way to prevent Christina (Abbey Lee) from sacrificing Tic in her bid to gain immortality.

The devil herself: Christina (Abbey Lee) has an offer on "Lovecraft Country" (Photo: HBO)
The devil herself: Christina (Abbey Lee) has an offer on “Lovecraft Country” (Photo: HBO)

Christina visits the family one last time with an intriguing offer: Give her the Book of Names, and she swears she will never bother Tic or his family again. She will find some other way to complete her spell.

Defying her has consequences.

With the clock running out, Tic and Leti try to make amends with those they have wronged. For Leti, that’s a tense reunion at their mother’s grave with sister Ruby (Wunmi Mosaku). For Tic, that involves a confession of sorts to Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung).

Tic and Leti find a time to comfort one another. Tic’s death seems all but certain – but there might be a way they can use Christina’s spell against her.

If only …

… if only it all doesn’t go to hell.

No one is safe, and there will be casualties. You won’t forget this ending.

Jonathan Majors has been the unsung hero of this series, and it’s time to start paying attention to how he grounds the bloody spectacle with his depiction of a fundamentally good man. As he struggles against a dire fate that seems inevitable, Majors never lets you forget how he deeply he cares for his family.

Watch for yourself. And come back here on Monday for a more detailed discussion of the finale.

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