Why ‘Lovecraft Country’ must have a second season

In the season finale of HBO’s “Lovecraft Country,” one supernatural threat was defeated, but at a terrible price.

Haven’t watched the finale? Click away now! We’re backpacking deep in forbidden territory, and we’ll be pulling out all sorts of spoilers.

In “Full Circle,Atticus (Jonathan Majors) and his family stopped Christina (Abbey Lee) from her scheme to become immortal – but not before Christina managed to bleed Atticus to death.

Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) proved to be key to defeating Christina. She linked with her and Tic using her succubus powers and derailed the completion of the spell.

Trapped under the debris of her family mansion, Christina pleaded for help. Diana (Jada Harris) answered the call – and crushed her neck with her bionic arm.

Bet no one saw that ending coming.

The grieving family was left to carry Atticus’ body out of Ardham forest.

This can’t be the end of Atticus.

There’s no way his story can end here. Not after everything he’s been through. For a story about family to essentially lose the head of this extended clan, in such a horrible way – this is unacceptable.

Is Ruby really dead?

One of the scariest moments of the night came when Leti (Jurnee Smollett) realized Ruby (Wunmi Mosaku) wasn’t Ruby but Christina. Christina revealed she killed Ruby after discovering Ruby planned to betray her. But that all happened off-camera. Christina has every reason to lie, to hurt Leti. Given how Christina seemed to grow to care for Ruby, it’s just as likely Ruby is in a comatose state back in her dungeon.

Jamie Chung as Ji-Ah (Photo: HBO)
Jamie Chung as Ji-Ah (Photo: HBO)

Ji-Ah lives!

It was a given that Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) would play some role in the finale, but it, happily, did not end in her death. Perhaps the most tragic character in the series, a woman cursed to become a monster, she became a viable love interest to Atticus thanks to Chung’s utterly heartfelt, heartbreaking performance. As much as Tic and Leti are meant for one another, you can make the argument that Ji-Ah is better for him because she knows of the atrocities he committed while overseas and she still loves him.

Sure, there is that whole “life-sucking demon” part of her that can kill any relationship … or man …

Hippolyta was surprisingly useless

Hippolyta (Aunjanue Ellis) spent 200 years traveling through parallel dimensions, time, and space, and she had nothing to contribute in the final battle against Christina. You might have thought she would have had at least one good trick – or phaser – up her sleeve. But Hippolyta is the best bet to reviving Atticus. She’s a human “motherboard.” She could be key to bending or reversing time just enough to revive Atticus.

Diana became her own creation.

Hippolyta talked a lot about coming into her own, but Diana – with some help from her mother – became her own comic book creation, a superhero in her own right, with a supernatural “pet” partner and protector. As she’s Tic’s half-sister, it makes sense the beastie would fight Ardham’s monsters on her behalf. We now know she is the one who gave Tic the book in that future timeline from his own son.

What’s next for her? Is she now a vessel for the family’s own blood magic? Given that she straddles both science and magic, she could become a powerful technomage – given time.

This story isn’t over.

HBO struck gold in showrunner Misha Green and this astonishing group of actors and needs to reunite everyone soon as possible. There are more monsters to be slain – and at least one hero must rise again.

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