How do you say goodbye to America Ferrera? (Have tissues handy)

NBC’s “Superstore” returns tonight with a two-part farewell to departing star America Ferrera.

The sixth season premiere “Essential” (tonight at 8) finds the Cloud 9 gang enduring the sweeping changes brought on by the COVID pandemic – masks, social distancing, runs on just about every product, and the even more crazed customers.

“You guys are working for Satan, aren’t you? You’re Satan workers,” claims one woman who refuses to wear a mask.

“Couple weeks, we’ll be back to normal,” Amy (Ferrera) tells her co-workers.

If only.

She and Jonah (Ben Feldman) find their move to California delayed, yet the corporate office shovels more duties on Amy.

Just some hoarding customers rampaging through "Superstore" (Photo: NBC)
Just some hoarding customers rampaging through “Superstore” (Photo: NBC)

On Nov. 5, in “California Part 2,” the show’s 100th episode, Amy finally has the go-ahead to move to California, but panics when she realizes Jonah wants to marry her.

Amy and Jonah are forced to have an honest talk about the state of their relationship.

It’s not a spoiler to reveal that Feldman isn’t going anywhere. That news has been out there for some time.

Meanwhile, Glenn (Mark McKinney) and Mateo (Nico Santos) search for a way to honor Amy’s time at the store. Dina (Lauren Ash) interviews candidates to be her best friend.

“Superstore” finds a sweet way to mark Amy’s departure and what she means to the gang. Ferrera has brought so much heart to the show, and she will be missed.