In ‘The Undoing,’ trust can be deadly

Can you ever trust someone again after they have betrayed you?

In HBO’s “The Undoing,” Grace (Nicole Kidman) struggles to regain her emotional balance after her husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) makes a surprise return.

Warning! Minor spoilers follow!

In “Do No Harm” (Sunday at 9 p.m.), written by David E. Kelley and directed by Susanne Bier, the police swarm the family property and arrest Jonathan.

Grace is baffled by Det. Joe Mendoza’s (Edgar Ramirez) continued hostility.

Sylvia (Lily Rabe) urges Grace to get her own attorney to protect herself, but Grace can’t imagine anyone thinking her involved in the murder of Jonathan’s mistress Elena.

Jonathan finds himself assigned to a public defender and consigned to a city jail that seems like one of the lost wings of hell, at least to a man who lived a life of power and privilege.

Jonathan (Hugh Grant) faces the authorities in 'The Undoing.' (Photo: HBO)
Jonathan (Hugh Grant) faces the authorities in ‘The Undoing.’ (Photo: HBO)

He swears to Grace he is innocent. More than anything, he wants his family back, he vows.

Grace doesn’t trust him – but she seeks answers from others to determine whether he is innocent or guilty of murder.

Her father Franklin (Donald Sutherland) reveals just how far Jonathan’s deceptions reached. Sutherland has a couple of key moments in Sunday’s episode, and he’s an absolute powerhouse. Emmy voters, take note.

And Grace finally learns why Detective Mendoza seems to despise her.