‘The Bachelorette’ leaves us with deep thoughts. Make it stop!

Clare Crowley finally found her daddy – or her daddy proxy – on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.”

So why is Tayshia Adams stuck with her sloppy seconds?

The conclusion of last night’s episode found Adams, only the show’s second Black bachelorette, entering the “Bachelorette” hall with the title card “to be continued …”

She’s about to greet 16 guys – not the full 25 she should have. These men are worn out, grumpy, and disappointed over dealing with Clare.

They had months to prepare for meeting Clare. Many of them acknowledge they did everything they could to learn about her history in an attempt to impress her. Blake last night revealed he even read a book on dementia because one of her parents suffered from it.

Tayshia Adams. Photo: ABC
Your new Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams. Photo: ABC

These men have had images of Clare in their head all through lockdown and have played out countless fantasies of how they would impress her.

Now, hours after learning that Clare has made her match, they are thrown out to meet a woman more than a few probably have never heard of.

There was a lot of talk last night about fairness. Was Clare being fair to the guys? To herself? To Dale? And my favorite, “to the process”?

But here’s the question I wonder: How is this fair to Tayshia?

She gets a truncated season with at least a few romance-burned men.

What was second prize? A date with Chris Harrison? (I shouldn’t joke about such horrible things.)

ABC faced filming restrictions because of COVID, but there was an easy fix: Bring in a group of women, veterans from previous seasons of “The Bachelor,” take two weeks off filming for testing and quarantine, and then open a new season of “Bachelor Nation.”

Instead ABC rushes the show along with a group of men who looked as if they needed a night out by a bonfire to rip their clothes off and scream at the sky.

Good luck, Tayshia!

Best moment last night:

After Dale Moss got on one knee and presented the ring to Clare, he tried to stand up, and Clare pushed him right back down.

“Hold on! Put that ring on my finger! I’ve waited a lot of years for this!”

Next week: Chris Harrison asks again if Clare and Dale were in contact before the season began. Bet on another unconvincing denial.